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Automotive  Industry

Automotive Industry…

Antaury has got 15 years’ experience in working with automotive OEM and tiered suppliers in domestic . From the very beginning of engineer design concept stage to final production approval of SOP ,Antaury in charge of developing and specifying the automotive fastening pieces related .

Electronic  elements

Electronic elements…

Antaury is commitment to expanding the non-standard metal products development of the electronics market . Now one of our subsidiary companies which is engaged in electronics products . Some electronics enterprises in domestic also have been working with us to develop little and miniature metal elec…

Industrial field

Industrial field

Some of metal products are widely used in the fields of industries where they request for high tension&strength ,high yield strength and other high performance properties . Our engineer expertise design properly meet with these applications and help customers to find the solution to it .

Medical  Domain

Medical Domain

Some of our metal products are applicable to medical instrument .High quality with complicated technique ,high precision performance ,flexible design and injection-molded components are probably the reasons why customers have chosen us to work together .

Energy and power

Energy and power

Antaury has developed a miniature version of components that are applicable to this industry . Because of high demanding for the development of this kind of product that needs to last a long time exposure to outdoor bad conditions ,which in turn customers have a strict requirement of design,techniqu…

Machined sleeves used in automobile industry

Machined sleeves use…

Antaury is specialized in the production of various insert nuts and bushings used in automotive engine ,motor ,frame and other positions inside .