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Welcome Hettich, German Client Visited Suzhou Antaury

Date:2020-10-30 15:13:03 Hits:933

On Oct.30th, 2020, Mr. Ruud Allers from Hettich in Germany came to Antaury for an on-site visit .

Pictured above is the group photo of Mr. Roche Cai and Mr. Ruud Allers .

A receptionist meeting was held during his visit to Antaury where he gave a

self-introduction about himself and his company ,exploring the business tips which were noteworthy .

Through dialogue with him ,we know that he is an old China hand and there are companies of his own in domestic .

Mr. Roche Cai shew him and his staffs around 4 workshops, testing room , QC Department ,production sites at

Antaury ,after which they went back to the meeting room for ongoing business negotiation .

Mr. Ruud Allers as well as his staffs inquired about some cold forming parts , offering drawings and referred samples that they intended to purchase .

“A good quality product with reasonable price is what he is concerned about” ,said in a statement , and the business relationship

that he also wants is based on long-term cooperation between two companies .

Owing to time limit , after the business negotiation and visit ,his driver took Mr. Ruud Allers and his staffs rush to

Shanghai Pudong International Airport because he has a plane to catch in the PM.

Next week both parties’ engineers will confirm and exchange views on the details of drawings .

Just as Mr. Ruud Allers said , it is also our sincere hope that a good cooperative partnership should be established between two companies in the long run .

Meanwhile ,we wish he and his staffs have a pleasant trip in China.