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A Comprehensive Fire Fighting Exercise held at Suzhou Antaury

Date:2020-11-13 14:03:14 Hits:862

Antaury Admin Department organized the leaders of each Department as well as their

coworkers to participate in the fire drill .

The picture above was taken at the scene ,the conductor of Fire Brigade was teaching

Antaury staffs how to put out the fire by using extinguisher correctly .

The fire drill was on the go, staffs were focusing their attention on watching and studying :

The fire fighters are making the Fire drill installation .

The fire brigade fighters are conducting the feasibility of tests .

Antaury staffs had staged several practice fire drills, some of staffs were called to

practise using the fire extinguisher on the site .

The Fire Fighting Exercise had successfully come to a closing , thanks so much for those brave firefighters

from Fire Brigade who gave us a lesson on how to utilize the fire extinguisher to take a control over the fire

in case a disaster takes place ,how to avoid the fire disaster tips .

Accordingly , Antaury has taken some precautionary measures on fire fighting, emergency evacuation and regular fire drill organization .