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A meeting on COVID mutation prevention&CNY tips during holidays .

Date:2021-1-9 14:36:50 Hits:729

On Jan. 9th 2021, the executive level of  Antaury has been organized and held a meeting about

COVID-19 prevention during the CNY holidays around the corner .

At Division II of CNC workshop ,the leaders of  Admin Dep. Mis Chen and Production Dep. Mr.Sun addressed the meeting on the topic of the COVID prevention measures and personal safety .Both leaders introduced several tips to help guide employees along the way in the coming month ,for details as follows :

First things first ,prevention is better than cure, recently the COVID variation has happened and found in a certain cities in China ,what’s more ,it is a highly contagious disease , hence ,everybody should pay special attention and keep an alert on this mutation virus on a daily basis ,in particular ,CNY is drawing near and we ought to pay much emphasis on current situation in domestic .

In the second place ,it is vital that wearing a mask in public ,the survey shows that the difference between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask ,the transmission rate can be as low as 1.5% .Hence ,pls store up as many as medical face masks in advance than usual in case of necessity .

Thirdly ,throwing a party for your colleagues , friends and family members should be less or banned in public during the pandemic ,especially over the CNY holidays.

Employees from other cities afar in China ,this year it is kindly suggested that staying in Suzhou for the Lunar New Year is preferable but not return your hometown in this special season .

Last but not the least , personal safety over the periods of CNY holidays is importance of all no matter where we’ll go .

As COVID-19 continues to impact on people and businesses at home and abroad, we should still remain committed to protecting our colleagues, customers, suppliers and companies against COVID mutation disease.

After CNY , we’ll continue to carry out spot inspections to check our employees and businesses that are COVID-secure at this busy time. Make sure our COVID-secure risk assessment is up to date .

To reflect on the lessons and silver linings of 2020, and what we can do, so everybody together embrace ourselves , to make 2021 a remarkable and inspiring year .